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Tech Reporter Loses Digital Life

By June 12, 2013Apple, IT Blog

Mat Honan, senior writer for, lost his digital life after an epic hack hit in 2012. Two hackers started off with one password and gained access to all of Honan’s digital information.  Then for kicks, the hackers remotely wiped all of the data from Honan’s MacBook, iPad, and iPhone through cloud-based services such as iCloud, Google and Amazon. Luckily, Honan knew other tech gurus who advised him to turn his devices over to a professional data recovery service provider like New Orleans Technology Services to recover his data. And it worked! Honan received the vast majority of his photos and personal files. It was an emotional process, but he was able to piece back his digital life. Honan has since put together a backup plan, realizing that when you control your data locally, and have it stored redundantly, no one can take it from you, at least not permanently.