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Our Managed Services Unlimited plans are designed for the mid-size to large office and provide for more accurate technology budget forecasting.  The rates are based on the technology you need supported, not the support hours. You pay one low flat rate each month no matter how many hours of support you’ve used.  So it’s in both parties’ interests that we employ the most qualified professionals who can both help prevent problems and also resolve any unforeseen issues quickly and correctly.

New Orleans Technology Services provides a fresh approach to business IT consulting.  Here are a few services provided for a fixed monthly rate:

  • Proactive system maintenance including service packs and regular security and spam filtering updates for Windows, Linux, or Mac systems and related applications.
  • 24/7 monitoring of internet connections, network devices, servers, backup systems, workstations and antivirus systems.
  • Advice for all IT systems hardware and software purchases, including sourcing quotations from different suppliers where required by funders.
  • Assisting with hardware warranty issues for all technology equipment even if it’s not purchased through us.
  • IT systems advice by phone, email, remote connection and on-site. (might exclude detailed consultancy work)
  • The free temporary use of loaner equipment to be used should any covered device become un-useable or need to be removed for repair.
  • Use of our emergency backup internet access solution in the event of a prolonged service outage.
  • Server and Client fully managed Anti-Virus and Malware prevention software.
  • Cloud Server backups of all file systems stored on secure, redundant hardware in multiple locations.

Compare our unlimited support rates to the cost of a full time IT staff…even of just one employee, and you can quickly see the financial benefit.  Additionally, we are a Dell Registered Partner and Microsoft Certified Partner.  All N.O.T.S. Service Plan subscribers are encouraged to take advantage of our discounted, below retail prices on software and hardware purchases.

We are licensed, certified, insured, in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and meet all state and federal requirements.  Over 20 years experience in IT with systems administration, web design and hosting, data protection and recovery allows us to implement proven solutions to protect your data and your image, which are typically the most valuable assets to your organization.

Please call 504-407-1436 for more information on New Orleans Technology Services’ Managed Services Unlimited.

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