Businesses of all sizes need to prepare a data backup strategy to safeguard information such as emails, text documents, presentations, business contacts, contracts, accounts as well as other important information necessary for daily operations on business workstations.

Unfortunately, saving files on a computer or server doesn’t necessarily guarantee that all information will be saved. Bear in mind that accidents and system failures commonly occur. Backing up data can prevent data loss when:

1. Data is damaged due to a computer hard drive error or computer virus infection.

When a hard drive fails, the only choices are to repair it or buy a new hard drive. Either way, the disk needs to be reformatted. This means all of the files will be erased. Thankfully, if a data backup has been performed before the hard drive error, the data can be restored from the backup the moment the reformat is finished.

A good way to restore data is to use a hard disk image backup solution. By doing this, the data from your backup can be restored directly onto a new hard drive.

2. Files or folders from a computer are deleted by mistake or failure.

If the files that could be deleted are important for daily tasks or businesses, backups should be regularly performed for these files. It should be determined which files are critically important to work and business. Then, the data backup should be planned and executed on a scheduled basis.

Search for a great data backup software, which could help in backing up important files on a regular basis. Ensure that the important files are kept in a safe place.

For an additional backup strategy, files can be stored on a secure online server. However, when using this option, make sure that the data is always encrypted for privacy purposes.

3. A computer is physically destroyed from natural disaster or fire or is stolen.

When compared with the other scenarios, this scenario is the most severe. Even so, if important data has been backed up, the information can be restored to a new computer.

Since data loss can be a really major problem for work or business, data backup is a crucial routine. Nevertheless, backing up data should be combined with storing the files in a secure location. All passwords should be saved, perform regular hard drive maintenance and constantly make secure data backups of the important files and folders.

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