A Content Management System (CMS) will allow you to easily update your website by yourself, without having to rely on web designer.

What Is a Content Management System?

Content Management System Website DesignA Content Management System is software that enables you to update the content of your website. CMS systems are especially helpful for non-technical users who would like a simple way to update their website content. The user can perform many basic functions such as adding, editing, or deleting web pages. The user can edit text, links, add or remove images, and add documents such as PDF or Word documents. The majority of Content management systems have integrated security measures that allow the administrator to define user priveliges, specifiying which users have certain rights such as editing and administrative.

How can having a Content Management System help you ?

If you have a website without a CMS, you may know how difficult it can be to update your website. You are probably either required to contact your web designer to make changes, or you need to posess a substantial amount of technical know-how in order to complete the task yourself. This often results in a website that is not updated as often as it should be, mainly because of the hassle or difficulty. Your website can then seem stagnant, filled with older and possibly outdated content.

Having a Content management system can help this situation tremendously. With access to one, it is rather simple to edit and update your website. With a minimal amount of time and effort you can have your site updated. It’s no more difficult than using software that you’re already acquainted with, such as simple word processor applications like Microsoft Word. With the entire website being that simple to update, you will notice that your website gets updated with greater regularity. Thus your site remains fresh, with the most up-to-date information.

How Much Does a Content Management System Cost?

Having your website developed using a CMS will be more expensive than a simple static website, at least initially. The additional time it takes the web designer to configure and install the system is the primary culprit. But the additional expense is worth the investment in the long run, because of the number of hours it may save you in future updates and edits that you can do yourself, without having to call the web designer to perform them.

What a Content Management System Doesn’t Do

Content Management System WebsitesWhat you can’t do with a Content management system is change the basic layout and structure of the website – the underlying code that defines the basic layout and structure of the site. This is a deliberate restriction. It enables users to change the content without having to worry about accidentally changing the fundamental look or layout of the site.

So, a Content management system simply enables you to edit the content of the website – text, images, links, etc. It doesn’t allow you to edit the structure of a website – page layout, non-content areas such as navigation bars, etc. So if you need to make a structural change to your website, or need a site reorganization, then you will still need a web designer to take care of these more complicated projects.