When corporations hire an IT professional – they look for people with the following qualities, why would you spend Your time and money on anything less?

New Orleans Computer Repair TechniciansProfessional – We understand that technology it is not everyone’s passion and strive to make things less complicated for the customer. (We’ll never talk down to someone whose life doesn’t revolve around technology like ours.)

Knowledgeable – Even though each employee has multiple years of firsthand experience they can draw on we believe that its just as important to employee those with that unique “can do” personality to tackle the unexpected and unforeseen. Our team members know where to look for the answers to newly any undiscovered issues and are confidently backed by other team members and our solution partners.

Transparency – Our solutions are in line with industry standards and will be clear for most IT professionals. We will not implement non-standard solutions that would require only New Orleans Technology Services to support. Our methods are accepted practice and would be easily be inheritable by most Systems and Network Engineers and Administrators. (“Turn-Key”)

Fair – We are not looking to get rich quick or sell unnecessary upgrades. Our policy is to provide the best possible solutions for our customers’ needs. We will look for the best deals on your behalf and our hourly fee is closer to an IT professionals hourly salary and not hyped up consulting fee. Additionally there is Never a charge if we can’t provide a workable solution.

We Are Also:

Local – We get that not everyone speaks computer and that sometimes its better to just show the technician what you’re experiencing first hand. We are locally owned and operated and can be onsite usually in just a matter of minutes.

We Provide:

Business IT Solutions – Our staff is made up of corporate professionals who are extremely familiar with corporate needs and enterprise solutions. We are up to date on current IT policy and practices in the corporate world and we can scale those same solutions to meet your business needs, whatever the size. We can even write your IT policy.